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Expert Tips for Playing Back Your Picture-Perfect Wedding

You’ve put months of planning into your wedding day – from flower arrangements to bridesmaids’ dresses and canapés. However, once it’s all over, your photos and wedding film are all that’s left to remember your day by. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your photos and wedding film are as picture-perfect as possible.

While there’s no way to plan for every possible eventuality, these tips will cover the essentials.

  • Have a touch-up makeup set handy. Your makeup will look beautiful once you step out the door but sweat and tears could ruin that fresh look. Having a touch-up makeup kit handy will ensure you look great from start to finish.

touch-up makeup set

  • Stay hydrated. It’s essential to keep drinking water throughout your day. Especially, if you are planning an outdoor summer wedding. However, to avoid smudging your lipstick, opt for water bottles and straws instead of cups.

stay hydrated with water and straw to not smear your lipstick

  • Clean your rings. Your photographer and videographer will want to take a few detail shots, and these look a whole lot better if your rings have been cleaned and polished. Be sure to send your rings in for a cleaning before your big day. You could also keep some ring cleaner on hand to get rid of smudges on the day.

clean your rings for those detail photo/video shots

  • Get someone to keep a few tissues. You never know when you might need a tissue on your wedding day so ask one or two people in your wedding party to keep some handy.

have someone keep a few tissues handy for you during those emotional moments

  • Consider buying sweat-proof t-shirts. The last thing you want in your photos is sweat marks. Whether your groom sweats excessively or you know it’s going to be hot on your wedding day, sweat-proof t-shirts will avoid unsightly marks in your wedding photos.

wear a sweat proof t-shirt to prevent those sweat stains from showing on camera

  • Keep a disposable toothbrush in one of the bathrooms. If your photographer and videographer will be sticking around for photos and video after you eat, it’s best to give your teeth a quick brush. This way, your teeth will look great in all of your photos and wedding film.

have a disposable toothbrush handy to keep your teeth clean

  • Buy a beautiful hanger. A wedding dress always looks more beautiful when it drops down from a beautiful hanger. These are inexpensive and will make all the difference to your wedding dress photos and video.

personalized decorated hanger for your wedding dress

  • Clear up the room. Before your photographer and videographer takes those all-important getting-ready shots, clear up the room. Get rid of clutter, including trash, handbags, accessories, and anything that shouldn’t be in any of the shots.

keep your room clean so the focus is on you and your wedding dress

  • Take phone out of pocket. Remember to have the groom and groomsmen to take their phone out of their pocket during bridal photos and video. You don’t want to see those rectangles sticking out of their pants.

take your phone out of your pocket so you don't see the bulge in you photos

  • A shot list. Lastly, don’t forget to create a photo/video list for your photographer and videographer before the day. This way, you can focus on enjoying the photos and video instead of worrying about whether all the shots you had in mind are being captured.

With these simple tips in mind, you can look forward to eye-catching wedding photos and stunning wedding film that you will love reliving on over and over again.

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