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5 Tips to Enjoy More of Your Wedding Planning

Updated: Feb 23

You’re about to celebrate and commemorate your relationship in a big way. There is so much to consider as you plan a wedding, so much so that it can easily become overwhelming and stressful. This doesn’t have to be the case though – with a few simple adjustments, you can enjoy more of your wedding planning process.

1. Delegate as Much as Possible.


Avoid burnout by accepting help from people around you. For those of us who like things done a certain way it doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. Friends and family are more than willing to help you out, you simply have to ask. It just means being more detailed in your requests of the tasks that need to be accomplished. The extra hands will reduce stress and get things done more quickly. It is important to remember that communication is key when delegating. You want to make sure everyone is on the same page. Don’t get upset if you end up repeating yourself multiple times to your helpers. Also, some people (like myself) are more visual and remember things that are written down easier than hearing someone tell them. Creating detailed lists for your helpers that cover their responsibilities can significantly help everyone stay on the same page and be more efficient in accomplishing tasks.

2. Think About the Experience More.

Back Packing with "Just Married" signs

Have you ever listened to the song “Champagne Night” by Lady A? If you like country then it is a good listen. In the song there is a line that goes, “Don’t need a crystal chandelier to have a real good time. We’re drinkin’ beer on a champagne night.” The whole premise of the song is they don’t need fancy or expensive things to have an Amazing Experience! While it’s important to stick to a budget for your wedding, it can make the planning process more stressful. Instead of focusing on what you are able to purchase to bring your wedding day to life, focus on how you want your guests to feel. Once you start focusing on the experience, you will find that you don’t actually need everything you thought you did. When your guests see you and your significant other smiling and full of joy it has a contagious effect. Your guests will end up being happy too! Why purchase those extra expensive flowers to spruce up your tables when you would rather create a custom cocktail that your guests will remember. Instead of hiring a professional singer for your ceremony, ask that friend with the beautiful voice to sing something special for you. There was a wedding I filmed in 2020 that ended up having to focus on the experience. Originally the wedding was going to be a huge Catholic wedding with over 200 people, but due to the current state and federal restrictions it got scaled way down to around 30 close family members and friends for the ceremony and reception. The reception didn’t have have a DJ the bride created her own playlist and set it to play over the external bluetooth speaker. Her dad became the MC and coordinated the night. It was a real special time and provided an amazing experience because everyone was there to celebrate the newly wed couple and they were full of smiles and joy the whole day and night, which spread to everyone around them.

3. Put All the Essentials in One Place.

Wedding invitation info

Bridal couples can spend a lot of time answering the same questions once they start inviting guests to their wedding. To bypass this and reduce wedding planning stress, create a wedding website where guests can access all the information they need for the day. You can create a free wedding website through Zola, WithJoy, The Knot, Minted Weddings, Wedding Wire and more! There may be a learning curve in setting it up, but once you do you will have more time to focus on other more important tasks. Creating an online gift registry is also highly recommended. Another helpful tip is it is best to create your website and gift registry before you send out the invitations. That way you can put all of this essential info on the invitation and direct your guests to your already made website and gift registry(s).

4. Spend Enough Time on Vendor Research.

Vendor Reviews

Hiring experienced vendors is another way you can spend more time enjoying the months leading up to your wedding. An experienced vendor will be in communication with you and replies quickly. If you can meet with the vendor before hiring them is the best. The meeting could be through a Zoom or in person. In the meeting you can ask them questions and they can ask you questions to better understand your vision of the wedding day. The meeting does two things. One, it gives both you and the vendor a better understanding of who you are working with. You might find out in the meeting that you don’t want to work with this vendor because of a gut feeling or they just aren’t your type. Two, you will find out if they are more interested in how they can serve you on your wedding day or just wanting to make the sale. Also, it is good to keep in mind that experienced vendors are more organized and will help you better plan your day without much effort on your part.

Another good thing to keep an eye out for when doing vendor research is do they have any reviews? Do they have a portfolio of the work they have done? Or are they just starting out and you may be their first client? Whether you want to go with someone who has experience or give that new vendor their first shot is up to you. You can get a great deal if you are the vendor’s first client, but the risk is they may be learning on the fly and miss some key things. Hiring a vendor who has done multiple weddings has a system down and knows what they’re doing, but the cost can be significantly greater.

5. Find Time for Self-Care.

Self Care

If you don’t find time for self-care, you might wake up on your wedding day feeling exhausted and frazzled. Self-care doesn’t mean a weekly spa visit either. Simply finding time to switch off for an hour several times a week is all you need. Take a long bath, go out for a quiet dinner with your spouse with no wedding talk, or arrange a brunch with your besties. When you’re more balanced, the wedding planning process doesn’t feel as overwhelming.

If you are worried that you might turn into bridezilla, keep these tips in mind. The wedding planning process can and should be fun and memorable.

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