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Dreamy & Adventurous Wedding Videography

For couples who have adventurous spirits and wild hearts

Welcome! My name is Joe owner and videographer of Stoddard Films based out of Boise, Idaho.

I believe video is an essential part of your wedding day because it captures and preserves the fluid expressions of people & wedding day that photography just can't encapsulate. Video provides this immersive experience for you to relive your wedding day and share it with those who didn't get to experience it with you. 

My goal is to capture the adventures awaiting you on your wedding day providing footage that is cinematic, passionate, and effortless. Each couple I work with leaves with a renewed sense of passionate connection for each other every time they watch their film.

Boise & Beyond

Boise, Idaho
Tahoe, Cali

Placerville, California
Willing To Travel World Wide


Wedding Films

My mission is to create an authentic trail marker of your love story as you explore life together as a couple. To capture your passion and joy in the little moments as you start your married journey. I want to evoke the connection and emotions you had on your wedding day every time you watch your wedding film.

I'm not your average videographer...

Cinematic, Adventurous, Dreamy

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Hi! I'm Joe owner of Stoddard films. What makes my films so compelling is my story-driven and service-oriented approach. My goal is to capture the adventures awaiting you on your wedding day providing footage that is cinematic. I do this by coordinating with each of my client's vendors to find the best locations hidden within each venue and getting to know you so we can capture your vision with my expertise. 


If You are looking for a professional wedding videographer who can reliably capture the emotion and experiences of the day. Who, is able to effectively work with other vendors to produce an authentic and stunning wedding film for you to enjoy in the years to come...


Let's talk about your vision and see if my unique approach to telling the story of your day is what you are looking for. 


"Joe went beyond our expectations and we could not be happier with how our wedding video turned out. He captured the essence of the wedding perfectly. The investment was 100% worth it and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a videographer. "

Let's Talk about your vision

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