Wedding Videography Based In Northern California

Hi! I'm Joe Stoddard 
Your Wedding Cinematographer 

I describe my work as cinematic stories showing off the highlights of your wedding day.


My editing style is contrasty and adventurous while capturing the true colors of the day making it a timeless story that is well-composed, well-exposed and in focus.

Willing to Travel Worldwide


The Wedding Video Is For You!
“I help couples preserve fun, intimate, and dreamy moments by strategically working with the photographer to find impressive locations.”

Couples decide to work with me because I have phenomenal customer service, calm demeanor, and professionalism.


 I blend into the background of the wedding, and able to capture all of the special moments.


Photographers are always skeptical about working with a videographer beforehand, but have always enjoyed working with me because I don’t get in their way and make a point to work with them for those stunning shots!